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Simple Hdb Living Room Design

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Here are some simple ways you can make your hdb living room look bigger. Bright walls will naturally reflect the sun which enlarges the space and make it look. Here are some tips and examples on how to make your hdb home look bigger than it really is. This 4 Room Bedok Hdb Home Features A Modern And Rustic Look But at the same time we received feedback saying these makeovers were only achievable with 4 or 5 room hdb flats. Simple hdb living room design - It has two bedrooms the third room refers to the living dining room one of which is a master bedroom with an ensuite bathroom. And therefore it is unrealistic for the majority of us. The newer flats range in size from 60 to 65 square metres 645 to 700 square feet. I poise design 120 138 views. Use si...